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EIGHTY-SIX/100 photos of ; keira knightley


EIGHTY-SIX/100 photos of ; keira knightley

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Deleted tourist from photos

Reblogging for future reference.

Thank all the gods!!! I will be able to take pictures in Bermuda again. Happiness is me rn.

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Lost Places Sven Fennema

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Details of Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire.


#for all that Ely wasn’t too terribly damaged in 1539 #the brutal treatment of the carvings in the Lady Chapel has always put such a strangely human face on this particular pocket of history for me #because the walls in there are devastated #with all the delicate detail pounded to powder #and the faces and vignettes knocked away in chunks #but none of the carvings above eye level have been touched #so at some point during the furious destruction #a bunch of people with hammers looked at the walls #looked at one another #and then decided to just let the rest of that shit go #because they didn’t want to have to find a ladder #history: people are people

Such a place—I think I might go back down that way this summer and visit.

I literally knew as much about Ely Cathedral as the tour guides when I was about 8, because it and Orford Castle were the places we always took family when they visited, besides just going ourselves a lot when we felt like it because they were free and nearby. But if I knew that about the carvings, I’ve forgotten.

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(by Karol Nienartowicz)


(by Karol Nienartowicz)

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The towers of Chicago in the 1930’s


The towers of Chicago in the 1930’s

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